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What is EV LIVE?

EV LIVE is a one-to-one live video experience that allows you to connect with one of our EV Specialists in real-time to ask questions and learn everything you need to know about GM’s Electric Vehicle lifestyle.

Is my EV LIVE tour going to be recorded?

No, your EV LIVE tour will not be recorded.

How do I schedule an EV LIVE tour?

Please click on 'Schedule A Live Tour' on our main page or visit

How long are wait times?

We strive to keep wait times to a minimum, but they may vary depending on the queue. If you're unable to wait in the lounge for the duration, you may schedule a tour for a time that's most convenient for you.

Can the EV Specialist see me?

No. You will see the EV Specialist and the EV LIVE studio from their perspective, but the EV Specialist will not see you.

How long is the EV LIVE experience?

That's up to you. You are not committed to a pre-determined time.

What are my obligations after the EV LIVE tour?

There are no obligations. If you'd like to opt-in for more information, at the end of your tour complete the Stay Connected form to learn more about GM EV vehicles.

How much does the EV Live experience cost?

Your EV LIVE experience is entirely complimentary and free of obligations.